ECG Profiles: 5 Questions with an ECG Senior Underwriter

Meet Mytae Phiakham, a Senior Underwriter at Expansion Capital Group, who took some time to answers a few questions about her role and contributions to ECG. 

Q: What got you interested in ECG?

A:   I’ve always been in the office environment, specifically at call centers and I was looking for a change – more interaction, and less phone work. A friend recruited me over, and I’ve been with ECG since August 2018.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most during your time working here? 

A: From Holiday Parties to record breaking months…let’s just say we know how to have fun!

Q: What do you see is the biggest impact Underwriting contributes to ECG?

A: The biggest impact UW contributes to ECG: Identifying risks. I’d say everything from prepping the file to funding the deal. We ensure we are funding appropriate small businesses.

Q: What are a few of the most common reasons small business turn to ECG?

A: Most common need for Capital that I hear from merchants would be purchasing a new vehicle/truck, remodeling, and payroll.

Q: Where do you see ECG in 5 years?

A: With the way volume has been trickling in, I can only imagine that we will be continuously adding more and more employees and breaking more records. I was promoted to a Senior Underwriter in December 2021. My new role has given me the opportunity to take on more responsibility and play a vital role within ECG. Given our growth I believe there will be more opportunities like that in the future for myself and others. I believe there is always room for growth – as we say, “let’s get growing”.