Business Bank Loans

Expansion Capital Group approves loans with Liens, Bankruptcies and Poor Credit every day. Banks rarely do.

ECG Funding: Fast and Flexible to Grow Your Business

A typical business bank loan can work for many who have a proven record of profitability and a spotless financial history. But if you have an active lien, recent bankruptcies or foreclosures, past due bills, or just don’t have great credit, you probably can’t qualify with a bank. The best alternative is funding from ECG.

What is a Business Bank Loan?

A Business Bank Loan is any loan offered by a traditional bank specifically for businesses. Usually these loans are separated into categories based on the use; such as commercial real estate, expansion and improvement, and equipment purchases. Much like obtaining a personal loan or mortgage from a bank, a myriad of documents are required to establish your credit history.


ECG Funding

  • Cashflow is Key

    Proof of a healthy cash flow is the primary factor in approving your funding from ECG. We don’t pick through your entire credit history to find rejection criteria, we look for ways to say “YES!”

  • Minimal Paperwork Required

    Just complete our quick & easy online form or call us at Call (877) 204-9203 or (605) 252-3635. We’ll contact you to get the rest of your information and copies of some basic documents. That’s it!

  • Fast Approval

    You’ll receive a quote within 24 hours and money in your account as fast as 2 business days, so you can act quickly on opportunities for your business.

  • Use of Funds is Up to You

    ECG Funding can be used for purchasing new equipment, training staff, or covering payroll for new hires. You know your business and these funds are to help your business grow.

Business Bank Loan

  • Commence Credit Scrutiny

    Your every financial misstep, business and personal, for the last 2 years will be examined and could ruin your chances for approval. That means big things, like bankruptcies, as well as seemingly minor items, like missed bill payments.

  • Detailed and Complicated Paperwork Required

    You must often submit a business plan, provide proof of multiple financial, legal, and business-related credentials, and be required to open a new checking account for making automatic payments.

  • Long Review Process

    Banks can take weeks and even months in some cases, to get through underwriting, review of your business plans and then get you your funds. Can your business wait that long? It can’t – call ECG.

  • Funds Must be Used for Defined Needs Only

    Your business plan must be followed or you might lose your funding. That means if something changes that is out of your control, you can’t use the funds to get back on track.